(Portal Spiral Monolith Medicine)

is an oracle deck that seeks to give autonomy to the reader, who creates poetic game play as they pull the cards. while the deck can be used to divine future outcomes, it is prominently a game of intuition.

there are 4 suits within the deck, each is a doorway, each is a route to healing. through poetic visions, abstract imagery and story like worlds, the deck invites you to let go of the attachment to understanding or figuring out meaning, but instead, weaving your own narrative that can shape your destiny.

the cards usethe lens of the multivisual world to help you see the deeper layers of change that come from all the choices you made and the choice that got you there. you have to be willing to move, to stretch, find the message within the spaces between your breath.


this suit is about transformation. the portal cards ask you to remember you are a vessel within multitudes of time, moving and flowing through space. every moment is a portal to the next, and there is a multiverse of outcomes. portal cards invite you to reflect on your growth, your inner changes and shifts, and at the decisions and choices that led you here, wether they were in your control or not. sometimes actions must be taken to get to the desired outcome, sometimes you cannot control what is not yours to control.

the spiral cards ask you to look within, and without. the pagan idiom as above, so below rings true here, some things that can help you root remain hidden in darkness. the spiral can offer you a vision that can expand your horizons, or zoom in on details. small as an atom, big as the universe. spirals move in circles upward or downwards, it is your journey, but every time you complete a whole rotation, you find yourself at a different stage, higher in your ascension or lower in your descent.

Monolith cards are like standing stones in our consciousness. they represent symbols that are often constant, fixed and strong. with this strength comes rigidity, how do we move through that solidness? do archaic patterns benefit us as we move into the present and future? The monolith cards call us to reflect on what these pillars represent to us within our own lives, our own lexicons and interpretations.

this suit reminds you that medicine is everywhere, and within yourself. access to medicine is our birthright, and should not be gatekeeper or hidden away. you will find it in the dark places, under shadows and soil, or sometimes in the pain of venom or the poison of a tree. the kill is within the cure, the fever is the healer. medicine is hidden within the guise of poison.

Portal Cards:
 the invitation 

this is your invitation, should you choose to accept it. there are always hands guiding you in the right direction, although sometimes they might be hiding behind clouds, but the winds will change and you will know that support is always there. It takes courage to reach out and connect, but intention is the first step in transformation. everything is an invitation, the way is always asking you to choose your own destiny, you just have to have intention. 

the gate

the gate marks a boundary between worlds, realms or chapters in your life. when you reach the gate, you can celebrate your self on this epic journey, as you cross the threshold of time and space. the gate is never closed, nor is it always open, it is a portal, and it makes itself available to you when you are ready to transcend.

the quill

a good craftsman never blames their tools, you can write your destiny stick in the dirt if you will it. the quill is a fine apparatus imbued with the spirit of the bird who shed it’s feather for your craft. an offering, a sacrifice, or simply just shedding. the feather transforms into an instrument of creation. the ink may spill, so turn it into a painting of the ocean waves; there is beauty to be found in every mistake.  

the cloak

the cloak protects you. it is a shroud in which you can hide away, slip into the veil and move through the land with obscurity, anon and alone. in this state, your being is like the ancient chinese myth of Hundun 混沌 ,
a faceless, primordial being, central chaos, the nebulous, the cosmic egg. you have the power to glide effortlessly through the valley, leaving no trace behind you, floating, in this world, the world you have created. knowing you can transmute and transform, your shape can shift like water. the world is as big as you make it, you are never too little or too much, for there is eternity within and without us.

the wire

there is no right or wrong way to read me, i am a labyrinth of pathways, channeling information through my veins. however tangled i become, the message will alway be transmitted. a knot is an cosmetic problem, easily solved with patience, curiosity and nimbleness.

the change

the binary code was based off the ancient Chinese divination system, the i ching. we use 1s and zeros to write our algorithms. but at any point you can make a change, there is more than a binary. more than two perspectives and a million different manifestations of your self. we wear many masks each day, and all of them are your truth. we are fluid and rigid, because we are water, we can be hard like ice, or soft and ephemeral like the mist. being multidimensional is part of our magic.

the hole

a hole in your tooth can be painful, a hole in the wall can be drafty, a hole in the ground can be a cradle for new growth or the entry point for destruction. we are porous, our bodies made up of 99.99999999999% empty space. we are a hole, to be fulfilled, to be emptied, to be healed, to be expanded.

the glade

the place in the dark overgrown ancient forest where the rays of god(s) reach down to to touch the earth. this is where you find yourself. you have quested through the undergrowth and found yourself surrounded by light, a much needed kiss of sun after the shadows. the journey may have been tough and even as you look back, you may not notice the footsteps you have taken have been seeding, you have been pollinating the ground with every step you take, but only some of those sends will come to fruition, as not all will see the sunlight. but you’re in the glade now, every intention you sow now will be blessed with golden light and emerald love.

the well

the well is lush and abundant, water flows around and within. you stand at the well and whisper wishes to the vast abyss. you know not how deep it goes, just as you know not whether your wish will come true, only that, if it is to become a reality, we must keep our well replenished, so that we may give nourishment to ourselves, hydrate our minds and activate our will because it is not the

well that makes the wish come true, it is you.

the door

the door is always open, and new realms are within. there are many ways to enter space, to cross a threshold. if the door presents itself to you, know it is left ajar so that you can choose whether this is your time enter. there is no lock or key here. three crescent moons remind you that this is the cycle, we wax and wane, doors close and open, trees shed their leaves, snow melts from the caps of the mountain tops. but the leaves become soil the melted snow waters the soil and the tree keeps on growing, with every doorway and threshold crossed, growth is always within.

the storm

lightning goddess Dianmu 電母 holds mirrors that sends flashes of electrical light across the sky. god of thunder, Leigong 雷公 carries a drum and mallet with which he creates earth roaring sounds. often seen as destructive the storm is moment of refresh. when stagnant energy has been arising, the storm offers a cleansing ceremony to you. it aids us to shake the foundations of our being and shed flashes of light onto the places that needed highlighting so that we can attend to them. our storm gods are love incarnate, and within love there is a need for radical shifts towards how we relate to this world and each other. after the rain, thunder, lightning and wind has passed, we are left with fertile and moist earth, seeds dispersed, webs blown away and a new vibrancy.

the flame

gently is burns, flickering in the darkness. a source of light for your weary eyes. be still and let its small warmth surround you, just enough to let it’s presence be known. filling up the space that only it’s light can reach, beyond that, is mystery. you can, if you will it, exhale so strongly that the flame goes out, engulfing yourself in darkness. breathe steady, friend. you can, if you will it, take the flame and build a bonfire, upon which you burn your demons, your regrets, your past woes. you can, either way, the fire will eventually burn out, and leave behind only ashes. the flame reminds us to keep holding onto our light, to go our own way, to be gentle and steady with our energies, so that we dont ‘burn out’. its inevitable that the flame will die, and when it does, we say “even though your light no longer shines in this dimension, your eternal light continues to shine, throughout the cosmos… thank you”

the future

there is a skeleton on a string, a puppet if you will. they hold up the ancient gregorian calendar, a system of cycles, moon, stars, planets, numbers, fragments of the day broken into slices of hours minutes, seconds. a system of control, the clock. please remember that within every second is a million moments, within every minute is the potential for a billion different possibilities. hours move fast or slow depending on your own perception, and this can shift from day to day, hour to hour. to be governed by time is to be oppressed by a system the sun never wanted to play a role in.
Spiral Cards:

the dew

the gentle sweat of the earth after a long night’s sleep. morning tears on blades of grass in the dawn. nectar so subtle, and so pure. awaken like the dew does; early. each droplet seems minute but all together the dew is a tidal wave of energy, to be evaporated in the the atmosphere to hydrate our days.

the vine

let it engulf you, your past vessel. its okay to shed the thing that once housed you, there will be many more incarnations, even in this life time. so let the vine take your past self, let it make home in the crevices of your old body, entwining and suffocating. because you can breathe now, in your new state of being, you shed that old self, the vine will leave little trace of it, when it’s evergreen leaves grow like a cloak.
the web

some webs are invisible, but they are there, connecting us to our kin, relatives, lovers and community. these hands are meant to remind you of the gentle yet strong role our interconnectedness plays within our lives. like a cat’s cradle, we must remember to play, to interweave our webs and expand our connections. it takes a village to raise you, and if you fall, there are always hands there to catch you.

coming soon: 


the lantern
the circle
the code
the scroll
the ripple
the aura
the algorithm
the crash
the dust
the past


the mirror
the compass
the tome
the tree
the horn
the mast
the stone
the motherboard
the lock
the blade
the beast
the bone
the present


the breath
the kiss
the chalice
the song
the mushroom
the poison
the fang
the bite
the leaf
the thorn
the sting
the ball
the roots